Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ashleys Wedding

I went to a gorgeous wedding this past week and tried testing out my mad camera skills, or really just my new camera. Still figuring it out, but with the help of picasa and editing managed to take a few good pics.
Here comes the bride!

Gorgeous centerpieces

I have to make this for a future party - candy table!

Just the ladies!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pottery Barn.....and getting back to the house!

I really intended to post more on this blog….but job always comes first and this last month as been so incredibly busy! There were two out of town trips, two conferences in town where I was away from home and a new position at work. WHEW! I could have taken pictures of all of that, but really how exciting can hotels rooms and conference centers be?? I travel for work but it all blends together as I usually do not go out into the city much. My house had been completely ignored but…… then I had the big idea to have a get together at my place! This weekend is my bday – or the end of the world depending how you see it! So, I decided to have a few friends over to celebrate.

Which then prompted me to do an evaluation of the house…..and have that moment where you think it needs to have STUFF done to it! Of course, this would have been better or about three weeks ago when if I wanted to add furniture I could actually have ordered it in time. Oh well, but at least it got me back to thinking what to do with the place??
In the short amount of time I have had I did make a few adjustments. Thanks to a Pottery Barn gift cards that miraculous had not been used in a year I had several hundred to go play on some things. While there, I discovered that have an in home evaluation service! I have it scheduled so let you know how it goes!

Here a few of the updates - I got some of their lanterns, flower vase, and their drink dispenser.
 from the PB website - drink dispenser, hopefully mine will look as good on saturday!

Formal dining room Table

Lanterns on my makeshift homemade "buffet"

Adventure to Sierra Ancha

You know when you get older and you realize you really are like your parents??? Had a moment like that this past week – I got antsy, unfocused and I knew the remedy – an outdoorsy adventure! My mom is the same way – we used to take day trips frequently up around Arizona as kids. Now, I have the same habits. The perfect partner in crime is my brother Neil – he has the same issue needing to get out – and a bonus he really knows some unique places in Arizona. I provide the 4 wheel drive vehicle.

We got up Saturday not sure where to go, but then looking at the weather he suggested the Sierra Anchas. This area is between Globe and Young, Arizona. While we had a somewhat plan to got to a waterfall on workman’s creek the benefit of 4 wheel drive meant we could just keep going and see what was discovered. In all, we went up to a fire tower on Aztec peak seeing far to the rim country, found random cabins and then decided based on a ranger suggestion and Neil’s memory to try for some Native American dwellings. It was only after the fact did I put two and two together when the ranger was talking about the hike (or really climb) up to the dwelling did I get he mentioned a few people had died trying to get there. Oops…. Well we made it and since we had some climbing smarts never felt like I was in danger, but I will saw it meant staying close to the ground on the way up and down since it was STEEP. Here are the pics! Enjoy!

Aztec Peak Fire tower

Um yeah....just alittle steep climb!

Workmans creek!

Finally made it up to the dwellings!

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