Monday, February 21, 2011

Cleaning up – Shaklee products!

At my tea party this weekend I had a friend mention my house is so clean – well of course I cleaned a bunch before they all came over (and give credit to B for helping a lot as well!) Though, I think what she was really referring to was how decluttered it was and then clean! I have made a habit of going to goodwill monthly to make donations so that I do not have too much “stuff” but also with this past year cutting back I just did not buy too much stuff. My living rooms do not have too much furniture in them and combined with less stuff it appears more clean.

But…..I still did clean. I have been big fan of  Mrs Meyers (the smell is just so great, see here for that post!) but after trying the Shaklee get clean products I am a convert. I still have some Mrs Meyers to clean the floors, I just love the lemon scent, but now with the ease of Shaklee I am actually cleaning more!

Why I am loving Shaklee:

Disinfectant – I had been using all natural products, but not all were disinfectants. Not all of Shaklee are disinfectants but the basic G is.  I don’t know about you, but the flu is everywhere at work so now I am using the disinfectant wipes at work on my desk and everywhere at home! It just gives me peace of mind. So far so good as the flu has missed me!

Cheaper – I found when I use my other products than Shaklee, I try to make it last. One, because I am lazy and do not feel like going to the store to get more and two, because I do not feel like spending $4-5 on a new bottle. Just this morning I went on a cleaning frenzy with the disinfectant since B has a cold, and just used a ton of it – then went to the kitchen to make a new bottle with the concentrate. Wow – easy! I did not need to worry about running out and now being able to clean the whole house. I can just use the concentrate to make more!

Natural – Sure, bleach is cheap but I get a headache from using it. I went natural for a couple of reasons (better for the environment consciously) but besides that the real reason was not having that chemical smell in the house. We used to have the house cleaned a couple of weeks and when I came home my nose would itch and my head would hurt. That cannot be right! Now with these products I feel great afterward! If I decide to not use gloves (which I hate to use BTW) I do not think the product will burn off my skin.

Multipurpose – When I was using the “other” products again back when we had a cleaning service there were many bottles to buy. They requested certain brands in the house. Now I have four bottles (three with different concentrates of the same product H2 for general cleaning, windows and degreasing and then one for disinfectant) and then scour off (which smells like bubblegum!). These products do just about anything I want in the house to clean.

Now, I am not a distributor or connected to anything, just giving info on what seems to be working for me! This website, House of Grace, has all the info how to use all of these products so check it out!

Here is what I use:

And how easy it is to make more using the concentrate!

Just the concentrates


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