Friday, December 17, 2010

Room Boards from Tart House

Ever since moving into this house I have been thinking about how to decorate it. Before I had places to live but now I wanted a home. 3500 square feet of space gives many options! I began looking through house websites for inspiration and discovered services for room boards! I knew I wanted one.

Although I really liked many of the services that can be done remotely, ultimately I wanted someone that could see the spaces to understand the challenges. Many of the examples I saw online at various websites were for square rooms - both of my living rooms are not square! Also, throughout my house are really high ceilings. The front room measures 28 Ft by 13 feet with a bay window at one end and the formal dining room at the other. The other living room is a large kitchen and living room combination. In addition, there is a fireplace off center. This set up is great for entertaining (which is one of the reasons I wanted this house!) and for multitasking in the kitchen while watching favorite shows. However, was a challenge for me just starting out to figure out furniture placement. I also wanted someone with a DIY or budget in mind.

Let me introduce you to
Tart house! I found this fun and talented designer while looking online at our local paper one day at an article she had. I got tired at looking at my big empty formal living room space and hired her to come out to create a couple of room boards for my place! Now – I admit I have taken very little action so far on implementing these, but that is because I am trying to go slow in decorating to find deals and budget each month what to spend – expect a lot of decorating to happen in the next year! Check her out of if you are looking for some organization and decorating advice!

Formal Living Room and Dining area #1 - I have some beautiful large paintings, so the colors were based on those here.

Kitchen/Living Room Area #2


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