Sunday, December 12, 2010

Column Intervention

It has now been one year since buying this house - affectionately called the Castle by my Dad. :) While the house was completed remodeled in 2007 there were still a few areas that needed to be fixed. Namely, the ugly columns! I had meant to get them fixed immediately, but two weeks after moving in two incomes went down to one so large projects were put off.

Now a year later I could take no more. Apparently, the former owners in an attempt when remodeling to make the columns look old world tried to use a technique with the paint where the dark color would show through the cracked paint. What they failed to do is realize that "cracked" paint in the hot Arizona sun turns into cracked peeling paint. Literally you could take off pieces! The theory is that they may have used inside paint outside, because it looked REALLY bad. Here is the example of before....ewwwwww...... When people came over I used to say look for the house with the cracked paint columns, worked every time to help with directions!

Originally I had researched how to DIY for this project. Realize that other than my recent new love of spray paint these hands have very little experience holding anything with paint. My painting experience comes down to volunteering at Habitat for Humanity for one day - so needless to say I was really getting in over my head! Circles, angles, paint remover, and filling in cracks was quite a few levels above my experience. There was one failed attempt at sanding it at first, but eventually I came to terms that these columns needed to be done professionally.

With my desire to keep the cost in line, there were 4 estimates made. I was amazed at how much variation there was with the painters! I realize it takes experience to paint, but really does it need to cost that much?? Most came in at the $1000-$1200 range but one was $2200? This was from a painting company that had many signs up in the neighborhood. Their reasoning? That they have 30 years of experience. I think they just work with the clientel in our neighborhood that are not getting enough quotes! Even after these quotes one of the best things I have practiced recently is asking if they will take less. In this case, a great company with many positive reviews looked like the best choice - and just asked if they would take $900 for the job the day after Thanksgiving. They said yes! I am so pleased with the results! The house looks so much better driving up to it, and I know the neighbors are happy that eyesore is finally gone! Makes me happy every time I come home now!


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