Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pottery Barn.....and getting back to the house!

I really intended to post more on this blog….but job always comes first and this last month as been so incredibly busy! There were two out of town trips, two conferences in town where I was away from home and a new position at work. WHEW! I could have taken pictures of all of that, but really how exciting can hotels rooms and conference centers be?? I travel for work but it all blends together as I usually do not go out into the city much. My house had been completely ignored but…… then I had the big idea to have a get together at my place! This weekend is my bday – or the end of the world depending how you see it! So, I decided to have a few friends over to celebrate.

Which then prompted me to do an evaluation of the house…..and have that moment where you think it needs to have STUFF done to it! Of course, this would have been better or about three weeks ago when if I wanted to add furniture I could actually have ordered it in time. Oh well, but at least it got me back to thinking what to do with the place??
In the short amount of time I have had I did make a few adjustments. Thanks to a Pottery Barn gift cards that miraculous had not been used in a year I had several hundred to go play on some things. While there, I discovered that have an in home evaluation service! I have it scheduled so let you know how it goes!

Here a few of the updates - I got some of their lanterns, flower vase, and their drink dispenser.
 from the PB website - drink dispenser, hopefully mine will look as good on saturday!

Formal dining room Table

Lanterns on my makeshift homemade "buffet"


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