Saturday, June 18, 2011

Updated Family and Living room Pics

About time I placed up some updated home pics! I just realized I had pictures on my side bar that had xmas items in them - oops. Since I had a weekday off for a staycation I decided to take a few update pics of the house. I have been working alot the last month with a new position, so not working incredibly much on the home but I do have a few new editions!

The big change is a new sofa! I watch craigslist regularly and happened upon this beauty a couple of weeks ago. The couple got married and ordered a new sofa. However, so did the inlaws for the wedding  and neither sofa's were returnable so up went one of the brand new sofas on craigslist! Here is the sofa, it is the JcPenney Linden street sectional- got it, extra slipcovers, and the ottoman as well all for half price! It still needs some new pillows....made some new ones this weekend so that post to come!

Did you notice the new garden seat as well? Just got it from Ballard Designs!

Since a new sofa went in the family room, so the furniture that was there went into the formal living room. This room needs some more color, but at least it now looks less empty!

Another new piece from Ballard Designs!

How the entry way currently looks.

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