Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall decorations - and new Trivoli PB console!

I started to get out my halloween decorations but just was not feeling it - the spiders, webs, blah blah blah. All black stuff - Loved it last year but wanted more of a fall theme this year. Maybe I will get it out the weekend of Halloween to put outside, but until then I wanted to pretend it was fall in AZ even if the leaves stay outside the same color. I could make it fall on the inside of the house.

Joann's provided the decor here - all the fall looking items and the fall fruit. A few things I had from last year.  Also....you will notice something new - I got the Trivoli console table from Pottery Barn! It just came out in the chestnut color. I had been having such a hard time finding a table for this wall (the trivoli table is 84.5 inches long if you can believe it, still does not fill the wall in my place)

Here is the pottery barn's take on it -

And here is how it turned out on my wall -

The pottery barn drink dispenser stand being put to use!

Take a close look at this runner....I did not feel like sewing today so it is just fabric from Joann's folded up to look like it was a sewn runner!

The table behind the dining table got the fall treatment as well - I saw some pics on Pinterest that had these pottery barn lanterns with pumpkins in them - brilliant!


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