Monday, September 19, 2011

Kayaking Blue Ridge Reservoir

Its official....I now want to add kayaks to my collection of outdoors gear! Several weeks ago I went up to the Blue Ridge Reservoir up above Strawberry AZ and found this great place where so many people were kayaking. There are miles of winding canyons where people camp, fish, and just kayak around. Since it will cool off hopefully soon (at least up North of the city) I needed to get this adventure in a weekend soon.  Although I came in late the night before from work traveling I still got up with my brother to go rent these kayaks. It was up in the 60's u(considering it was almost 100 in town that is a big difference!), very worth it! 

Note to self.....remember sunscreen everywhere - my legs took a beating! Also going to place the kayaks on top of my car, I just had them out the back tied down. The inside of my car was covered in a nice layer of dust after going down the dirt road to get there.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sewing Sunday - fold up bag

I was home for the weekend and wanting to recover from all my travel. I started to get a couple of my home items completed and done!

First off, I had never sewn with a pattern so last night when I was out at Joann's picking up some supplies for other projects I decided to grab one that looked simple enough. A yard of fabric, some double fold bias tape, and velco, how hard can it be? I did sign up for some sewing classes at Joann's as it was half off class day, but since they were a few weeks out thought why not try now!

I googled a you tube video how to transfer patterns, using pins and the floor seemed to work with the supplies I had.

But....then I came out with this - epic fail! I had the folded fabric the wrong way. Just keeping it real on this blog. Bummer I liked that fabric! 

I had some other fabric on hand from when I recovered the thrift store chair, so I went with that as a back up and tried again. Note the fabric is opposite in this one so it actually works!

Great success! I cut out all the pieces and went to work making the pocket. Just in case any of you try to make this one, it took awhile for me to figure out that pattern so here is how it looked from both sides.

After a couple hours of cutting, then recutting, trying to keep the cat off of the pattern (why does paper always attract cats??), becoming familiar with my sewing machine again, ta-da! It actually  worked!

Here is what the pocket and velcro is for, it folds up nicely to fit anywhere!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Now that I am catching up on my pics......and now are a few of what I have been up to. My sis lives in Portland, and as it is 100+ in AZ that sounded like a better idea for a few days to escape the heat and get some hikes in. My partner in crime was my brother Neil, who is always up for any adventure.

We went to the usual places that most would - but just maybe hiked a little more. I love that when you are young, your siblings drive you crazy and then you get older and you really want to spend time with them. 

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