Saturday, November 27, 2010

My first piece of Furniture - easy console

Now that I am home more I have been working on fixing up my house - but on the cheap. I have got really into decorating blogs, and not too long ago found a blog that has changed how I look at furniture! Ana White has a blog where she posts how to create furniture - that I can actually build! For my first project I choose a console bench on her easy list. Now, I never took woodshop and had barely used any tools when I made this. I just grabbed her plan, walked into Home Depot nervously and in the nicest voice I could asked someone there if they would help me find and then cut the wood needed. Well, the truth is that I went into Lowes first and got too nervous when the guy looked like at me like I was crazy then went to home depot and found someone who thought it was not strange for a girl to ask for those things (note here : been to lowes many times now and confidence has the effect of avoid this now!)

For this project, I just used the wood home depot cut, nails, glue and a hammer. It would have been nice with a real nailer, but for this I did not want to invest. Here is the plan I used for the easy console.

Here are all of my materials layed out.

Starting to come together

All done! Now just to stain it, but could not resist bringing it inside to see how it looked!


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