Sunday, November 28, 2010

Candy Trees

This is what happens when I am home more now and a break in traveling for work, I get crafty! I like to look at Better Homes and Garden and Martha Stewart for ideas. BHG has a daily email you can sign up for and receive with ideas, this was one of them!

Here is the link to the project - Peppermint Tree Project

Items used for the project -

Three white foam trees from HL - $12
Candy from walgreens - Get the cheapest generic they have, it was about $10. It took a couple packages of each candy, and the gumdrops I had to go back for a third bags. If you use smaller cones that will cut down on the candy needed.

This took about 30 minutes per tree, but I did it while watching TV so it is not too bad. If you had kids, it would be great to unwrap all the candies, that was the most tedious part! I am not sure how these will keep from year to year, but I will try to put some spray adhesive on them toward the end of the month.

The Better Homes and Gardens pic

My Candy trees


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