Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Throwing an 88th Bday party

What does one do for an 88th Birthday party? My dear grandma had this special Birthday March 4th, and I had the idea to have my entire family over at my place to celebrate. Really at that age I think the best gift someone can ever give is just time - and in fact I managed to get most of the family all in the same room!

I had such a busy week with work leading up to this, that I just ordered most of the food in. Yes, I was lazy. I am trying to cook and decorate more, but sometimes there are weeks where nothing close to that gets done! My favorite place currently to cater in from is AJ’s. The menu was BBQ pork and beef sandwiches, with cole slaw and pasta salad. I had a fruit tray out and veggies but that barely was eaten. The highlight of the food was the chocolate fountain to dip items in! B ordered a bunch of dark chocolate and had the fountain going to dip items in.

For the cake, I found this CUTE place called Nothing Bundt Cakes! Classy style for a classy lady!



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