Sunday, April 10, 2011

Colorado Adventures!

Oh yeah, I have a blog! Maybe I should write on it.... :) The good news is that I have had many adventures in the weeks since I last posted so I will start there. My house has been completely neglected, but I am finding that sometimes I want to be at home and other times all I want to do is get out and have adventures. As you will see, I am in adventure mode :)

First trip several weeks ago was to Colorado. I was there for work anyway, so I stayed the weekend. A friend of mine that used to live in AZ is there and helped to plan a fantastic weekend! She is super outdoorsy. I feared being about to keep up but mangaed to stay standing.

We stayed in Breckenridge and snowshoed the first day 8 miles, then the second day cross country skiied. Here are some of the beautiful pics!


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