Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated Dining rooms!

There is something about a set dining room table that makes me happy. Not that I have been cooking much....but it makes it look like I could cook and sit down to a nice dinner. It makes it look like a model home, and I like to keep that look while I can. I know with kids something that will all be thrown out the window. So until then I get to keep them pretty.

I got the catering white collection from Pottery Barn awhile ago. It is perfect for parties or just for making the table look like this! This is the formal dining room - which after a year and a half has only been used for two events - my tea party and Thanksgiving dinner.

And then there is the Breakfast nook - which is the table I always use. It has been updated with placemats from Pottery Barn and decor napkins from Target!

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