Monday, August 1, 2011

Outdoor decor

I love my backyard....really love it. I love the view, I love how much room there is, and I love the trees.

I thought to share a few pics of what the backyard currently looks like. The pool cover just got fixed - It had been broken all year and just happened to get fixed the day after the haboob that happened in Phoenix. DOH. So after a week of cleaning the pool it now it swimmable again (love the trees, but it really does make a mess!). The cover has really helped stop the future dust storms from making a real mess of it! Though, when the cover is left on it makes the pool really warm so it has to be timed right to leave it on when storms come.

For those that did not see the haboob (really just a BIG dust storm) here is a peek.

Pillows from Target!

The pool is 40 feet by 16 feet - big enough to do laps in!


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