Monday, August 1, 2011

I am no longer a PC....

Well technically I am a PC and a MAC as I still need to use PC's at work. I got a Macbook Pro laptop about a month ago to start using. I went through several stages. 1. excitement 2. getting really annoyed by the design....3. started to like the thing when my PC got a virus 4. ok, fun to surf the web 5. annoyed again that I did not know how to organize my files and use iPhoto 6. sold, but I need to figure out out to use this thing 

Love the mac feel but there were so many things I did not know how to do things like pictures to my blog. oops....hence the delay in anything from my recent adventures this past month. This morning due to a "staycation" day I spent a couple of hours at the mac store and tadah! Posting again! I will say they are fabulous at helping to figure things out, but they did not have late hours for classes so I waited to today to take the class. If you get one and transferring from PC to Mac - take the classes, do not delay! 

I am still figuring out this thing out but really sold on it! Now to understand all it can do....... off to take more classes.... ;)

Now that I have at least figured out how to post to my blog again I will be catching up photos and projects in the next couple of weeks!


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