Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crown King Road Trip

Many years ago when I was working at camp in Prescott, I took a road trip up to Crown King in the Bradshaw mountains in AZ. For some time I have wanted to go back there but you should have 4 wheel drive, Enter in my fantastic 4 runner! I have had it for a couple of years but the poor 4 wheel drive has been neglected. Lucky for me I have some super adventurous brother who love to go on adventures! We just went up for the day, but such a great trip. In the town there are a couple of bars, and more ATV’s than people from what it appears. Great day trip to take if you are in AZ! I think it was destined for me to go there – after googling when I got back where we went there is an old ghost town called Shelley, AZ. It was apparently a place that had more women than men in the town.

Neil taking over the trail!

Bisbee - more horses than people!

Horseshow lake with Brian and Neil

Pull up to the your ATV

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