Saturday, October 23, 2010

Refinishing a chair

I have been really into, ok obsessed, with decorating blogs lately. I have a fantastic house, but due to circumstances have a big empty house in some places so I am trying super hard to decorate on the cheap. I have been on the lookout for a chair to be my first attempt at refinishing a chair, and luckily several weeks ago I found the perfect chair! It was a whole $8 at savers. Here is my list of items I used:

• Rustoleum Spray Paint Primer in white
• Rustoleum painters touch satin spray paint in Heirloom white
• Sander block (wish I had used my full sander, lesson learned!)
• Fabic of choice from Hobby Lobby
• Foam from Hobby Lobby
• Batting from Hobby Lobby

Here is the before Picture of the $8 chair:

After a coat of primer

I unscrewed the seat from the chair, then used pliers to take off the current seat cushion. After the cushion was off, I added the Hobby Lobby cushion and batting. Then stapled it all back on with the staple gun. I saved the fabric from the original cushion to trace the size of the new fabric, then again with the staple gun!

 Lessons learned - patience! This took about a week with waiting a day for primer to dry, then the first coat of spray paint and the second. After the first coat of spray paint I got impatient and sprayed too soon - the paint bubbled up! This may have been due to not priming well (see this post from Centsational girl about how to fix spray paint issues that I used). I had to sand, prime, then repaint a spot on the back. Now on to find my next project to redo....

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