Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sea Life Aquarium

Since scuba trips are out of the question right now, this past week I headed over to the closest I can get here in AZ – the Sea Life Aquarium! To avoid the crowds and save some $ I went on a Tuesday night (note to self – do not go to Arizona mills anytime past dark again!). It would be a great place to take kids and get a feel of the ocean. There were many more creatures than I was expecting - sharks, rays, and of course plenty of fish! They even had an area you could touch cleaner shrimp, crabs, and stafish (at this point I felt rather guilty that I had shrimp for dinner that night.....) I could not help but feel bad for the rays in a tank, they looked about ready to jump out and reminded me of my time in sting ray city in the Caymans. They do not allow flash, so excuse the bad lighting on these pics.

Plenty of places to crawl into, if you are a kid!

This is apparently the size of a sea creature when dinosaurs roamed, would be rather scary to see that in scuba now!

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