Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Moments of 2010

Some other blogs have listed either the top 10 posts of the year or 10 moments, but since I just started this blog I am not quite there yet. So I took after Ashley at the Domestic Fasionista to recap what my fav moments of 2010 were. Sure it is 2011 now, but better late than never! Looking back over the year makes me realize how much I truly have to be grateful for and how much fun was had!

10. Girls Sedona Weekend Get away! Went with some of my besties from college for a annual girls weekend! We went on a Pink Jeep Tour!

9. Attending an image workshop in  February from Janice Hurley-Trailor. I was amazed at how much perception can be created based on how you look! I went to change my image for work and literally was life changing.

4. Skiing on Easter at Park City - gives new meaning to the term ski bunny!

7. Backing the Superstitions with B and Brittany

6. Learning to build. I cannot believe I have started to build things! I heart Ana White!

5. Visiting my old home away from Home, Sky Y camp!

 4. Offroading with my brothers to Crown King

3. Starting this blog!

2. Visit from my Sis over the holidays. We took a trip up north to hike and went horseback riding!

1. And number one is….my scuba trip to Palau in May with B! Unbelievable, I will never  be the same again! I lived for a week on a scuba boat in the most amazing place to scuba in the world!

I am really excited to see what I can recap for 2011 since I am documenting on the blog all year!


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