Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homemade Salt Scrub

I tried this past week to make my own salt scrub. I love using a scrub at least once a week, but that stuff can get pricey! I knew it could not be that hard to make it, so I started with what I had on hand around the house and looking at these directions here

I started with Epsom salts, safflower oil, a jar from IKEA, and essentials oil. I love peppermint and lavender so these I already had.

Lessons learned – try a finer grain salt next time and mix different oils. It still worked out well, but looking at the ingredients on my other salt scrubs it looks like they mix the oils. Almond oil looks pricey but it seems to be in every one that I owned. The oil I used was alittle too oily afterwards for my tastes. Also, one of my favorite salt scrubs is citrus so I want to try and make that scent. Overall it was a great idea and fun to do! I am hooked on making this a DIY project!

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