Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Under $25 DIY Starburst Mirror

Yes, these are all over the blogs and been done before but they are too pretty to pass up! I actually started this mirror over a month ago, completed it, then delayed finishing it. I could not decide what color to paint it, but finally just went with good old white. Changing it is just a spray paint can away if I change my mind! Here are all of the details how this was made.

Supply List:

Mirror from Hobby Lobby – half off for $12.50! The mirror for this project is 14 in wide.

Dowel Rods – Also from Hobby Lobby. I had 16 sticks for this mirror which came out to $11

Spray Paint – For this project I used Gloss White from Rustoleum and Rustoleum Primer that I already had.

Glue Gun

Excuse the bad pics, I was still learning how to use the camera I have now when I took these (but getting a new one soon!)

First I used a miter box to cut the dowel rods (you can get one of these at Home Depot ). Here are the specific cuts I did for this mirror.

8 pieces of 8 in rods

16 pieces of 10 in rods

16 pieces of 12 in rods

8 pieces of 14 in rods

After grouping the sizes together I got to work on gluing the rods to the mirror!

I then taped the mirror with frog tape, used Rustolemum primer and then the high gloss white spray paint.

All Finished!

I changed out a candle holder in the master bedroom for this mirror.





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