Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fitness Room Inspiration

Everyone has new years resolutions to get in better shape, and for me that includes making a pretty space to get in shape that motivates me to go in there. Several years ago I ran a bunch of races thanks to a friend that challenged me to run a marathon at 30. But….that was several years ago and I really feel off the wagon. I even have a treadmill at home and still do nothing. So, this New Years like many others I have a resolution to get back my endurance, flexibility, and strength to run another marathon and do a triathlon.

 This used to be me a couple of years ago, but literally STOPPED. I have not gone to the gym all year, and my treadmilll at home has never been used. I have not done a race in a year and half!

As part of this goal, I want to make a space in my house that calls to me and inspires to get in shape. I want pictures that scream to push myseld harder and to make an area for my bike trainer (that has gone unused the last year as well, sigh). However, from the ideas I am finding on the web I will have to invent what a cute fitness room looks like! They all have elements I am looking for, but look stark...

I want a weight set on the side like this one.....

I plan to put up my bike trainer and put up a big mirror.

Maybe recreate a view 

Currently the room I plan to place this in is a combo cluttered office, bedroom, and treadmill space. This room is not sure what its purpose is for so I aim to change that. The bed is getting pushed to another room, but the office will likely stay. Still working out the ideas here and will post as this project moves along!

If you are looking for a healthy inspiration, Tosca Reno of the Eat Clean Diet is one of my heros! I have all of her books and she proves you can get in great shape at any age!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the room. Keep us posted!


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