Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting Organized at Home - free cleaning list!

Life just seems to be getting busier! Between work commitments (which is most of the time, what can I say love the job!), volunteer, fun with the BF, and other things I seem to lose track of time and getting things done. Life has started to go back into forgetting to clean the place and eating out way too much. So, I gained some inspiration from Honey We're Home and worked on creating a home organization book. I aimed to not spend much money, so the only out of pocket cost for me was a hole puncher which I seemed to not own anymore since the trapper keeper is no longer in style. Other items I just had on hand included a binder and file folders.

I created a quick intro page just with a pic of the house:

So my categories are right now:


I actually use a Franklin Covey planner for my day to day activities, so unlike the one on Honey We're Home I do not have a daily list to do in this binder.

For Meals, I use Emealz to help get ideas. Since I am limited since I do not eat dairy, I pick and choose from this. When I am being really organized I cut and paste the meals I like from there, then I have a master list in excel of all the meals. To make the week I cut and paste into a document. In this case I just printed the mealz document for the week.

For Chores, I found a template on microsoft site and just changed it for the areas I want.

Here is the document I created for chores - feel free to customize it yourself!
Month Cleaning List

I am currently attempting to use the Dave Ramsey method for budgeting, so those documents are on the next tab. I have a big goal to pay off the house as soon as possible!

Finally, I made a list of projects for the house - wow it is big! Hopefully this will help me stay on track! I need to spend some time over the holidays building stuff

Home Projects

Recover stools for bathroom

Slipcover for thrift store chair
Slipcover for side chairs
Build desk for spare bedroom
DIY curtains for big room
Build shelves
Build headboard for extra king bed

Laundry room
Beadboard for back wall
DIY curtains
Hanging rank (from Centsational Girl)

Living room

Build another console table for living room
Build TV console for living room

Dining room
Rug for formal dining
Build buffet apothecary from ana white


  1. This is helpful. With this I'll be able to track the things that are done and the things that still needs to be work on. Glad that you have shared it.


I LOVE reading comments so thank you for your postive and helpful tips!

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