Sunday, November 6, 2011

Superstition Adventure - Tony Ranch

My brother is awesome - if you knew us when we were younger you would never know we would hang out this much. So for those that have siblings that just do not get along, there is hope later! Maybe it is being so close in age or being in the same house, all I can say now it how great it is I have a built in buddy to go on any adventure with.

In this case, we may have had too much adventure for the day. Neil had been really wanting to go check out Tony Cabin in the Superstition mountains. Mind you it was Halloween weekend, and we were taking a road called Haunted Canyon. That should have been a sign, but not to us! We had been down in this area a few weeks before but not to the trailhead.

It started out gorgeous, meandering through the superstitions  it started going up over a ridge then down in a creek bed we saw beautiful leaves changing - it was actually fall in Arizona! The trail crossed over the creek bed several times. We did no intend to be out long that day, but we saw several hikers on the way there, all saying just a little farther. What they forgot to say is that just a little turned out to be an hour and a half longer! We did finally make it there to the cabin and it was worth it. It is an old cabin for a homestead that used to be there. Hikers and backpackers still leave supplies inside for others that may come by.

So happy we finally made it!

All told we think we did over 12 miles that day, next time I'll bring my gps. 

By this time it was past 2 pm, and knowing that the sun goes down at 6 pm we had to get out of there! It was an adventure getting back finding the trail over the creek - we did have one spot where it was a challenge to find the trail back up the canyon eventually we made it  - the last pic says it all, we were so tired after this hike but very worth it!

And speaking of Halloween, yes I saw bats on the way out as it was dusk.


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