Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pottery Barn Classes-10% off and new dining decor

Have you ever taken one of the Pottery Barn free decorating classes? Did you know when you go you get a 10% coupon?   I just went to one Sunday on holiday decorating and another a few weeks ago on Entertaining.  There is likely one in your area so check it out! Next one for me is on Nov 27th. People either love or hate PB decor, I am one of this that like it but also like to adjust it to stay away from too much matching so mix in other elements. I really love their dining decor so that is what I concentrated on this time, although my dining room table is not from PB (it is from The Dump if you happen to have one in your area, and I am not talking about the trash heap!).  I am once again hosting Thanksgiving for my family and was looking to get some ideas on how to set the table.

First, I feel in love with these chargers  - they are the Tava collection at PB. I tried in vain to find something less expensive but have found that there is still nothing like PB. Some I found were larger or not the same quality so I just gave in and got the PB ones with my 10% off! Another PB tip - I also got the PB credit card, it can only be used there but you get $25 in store credit back after each $250 spent - so another 10% off in my head anyway (although I will just got back and spend it there).

The plates and bowls are also from PB from the caterer collection - I highly recommend as they are perfect for entertaining.

You will also notice that I added a couple of new table items for Thanksgiving also from the PB collection. Their fall items are on sale now for their candle pumpkins. I just added a nice touch to the bowls with the mini candles and a couple of the larger ones to the table.

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