Monday, November 7, 2011

Tracy Anderson - new workout

I have come to realize that the best exercise is the exercise that you do - no matter what you do. As long as you move several hour a week if you run, bike, swim, lift, classes, hike etc..... it all counts. I think the key for me is variety. I have done a half marathon, marathon, and triathlon. While I have not given up on these, I did come across a new workout that I am really liking for variety from Tracy Anderson. Tracy's claim to fame is training some of the Hollywood elite including Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

I started with just playing around with some of her You Tube videos, so check those out just to see what they are like! What I love about this workout is that I can do it on the road when I travel for work. It used more body weight and specific movements to get the toning and cardio in. What I really like about it is that afterward I really do feel smaller - currently I just started her metamorphosis workouts after doing her 30 day workout plan from her book. I do not follow the diet, but since I already eat pretty healthy I just wanted to find out if her toning really works - and so far it is!

Here is a link to some of her best videos

I love her motto too - 

Here is the video that started it for me - the arm workout that she made for Gwyneth. A warning to you - it make look easy at first but as you keep going be prepared to feel the burn!

A workout from her would not be complete without legs, what she is really known for!


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