Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candy Cane Rudolph

I have been making candy cane Rudolph the Reindeer for years and they never get old! They look great in stockings, give away bags, and on the top of presents. This is as far as I will get this year coming close to home made gifts – these are for some people at work! Here is how they were made, though you can google it and find many directions.

What you need:

• Brown pipe cleaners
• Red small balls
• Small eyes (in the doll section at most craft stores)
• Glue Gun
• Candy Canes!

1.Take your pipe cleaner and fold in half. Cut at the fold. Then take one of the pieces you cut and fold again to cut at the fold.

2.Wrap the large piece around the top of the candy cane. Use a small dap of glue to keep it from moving.

3.Take the small pipe cleaners and wrap like antlers around each side.

4.Glue on the small red balls and eyes.

Here is the final result! I bought Christmas bags from Hobby Lobby, then Christmas candy to fill the bags, and added some ribbon with the candy cane in the center.

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  1. thanks for the post! So easy to make, I do it every year to place on top of presents as a decorative touch!


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