Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card Holder – Clothespins and Ribbon

I have seen several versions of this from around the web (check this one out from Honey We're Home, so cute!) Here is my version of the clothespin card holder. I just used some items I had around from my other projects  (scrapbook paper, stickers and the ribbon) and just added the clothespins. I also had around a couple of those command hooks (extremely handy around the house!). I will likely change this for next year, but in a few minutes it was a quick fix! I added this to the entry way display on each side of the mirror.
Here are the materials I used.

Here are the results!

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  1. I am your newest follower, and guess what?! It is linky party day on my blog! Please come enter the giveaway and link up to my Strut Your Stuff Party! I love your blog!
    -Dana, Saturday Mornings

  2. Thanks Dana! I checked out you blog and voted!


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