Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dreaming at Williams Sonoma

I went with a friend today to Williams Sonoma to gather a few Christmas items. Of course, shopping for Christmas means that you really shop for others - then every third item is something for yourself (or today, just something for myself there oops!). I justify it to mean that this will be more home cooked dinners with B. That is a gift right? I hope he thinks so.

I was complaining last night that I did not have enough cutting boards. You see, this whole cooking thing is new to me - at least not cooking anything much that does not go in a microwave. I have some, but little experience cooking most things but with a gourmet kitchen I am making a real effort to become slightly more domestic. So - as I went into today even a person with no experience cooking can drool at all the pretty things at Williams Sonoma. I had one cutting board at home that was of any quality, and the other one I have really just sounds like nails on chalkboard - which makes me not want to use it! I left with these gorgeous cutting boards, and Eco conscious as well! It was a set of three in the store.

Epicurean Cutting Board

Now on to more things I can dream of...

Say a Le Creuset set in blue??

Or maybe in Ocean? Half my house has blue tones so it will fit right in...

Another item to look at - immersion blender. I want to make some good soups for winter!

I live in Arizona. It gets hot - we like Popsicles. Here is a great choice for that!

My girlfriend Kelly was raving at the mall how much better pizza is with a pizza stone, so now add that to the list but don't forget the pizza peel!

I make smoothies just about everyday, and my commercial blender is dying - so I need a new one. Maybe the Vitamix?

I just think these cookie cutters are cute to send a sweet message.

Fondue is fun - just admit it. Though for dessert nothing beats the chocolate fountain we already have!

And finally, the nerd in me could not resist looking at these star wars cookie cutters!


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