Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home Story

I thought it fitting to write the home story of my place since I am posting so much about decorating and living in it! Rewind one year to last fall. I owned a small house that I had bought years ago, but it was currently rented out and I was living with B near downtown. It was a great place, but in AZ you may have heard about the housing market. There were some areas that were “up and coming” near downtown but by 2009 were anything but that. I was two miles from work (score!) but the surrounding area that was going to be revitalized wasn't with the economy.  I wanted to live somewhere that felt alittle more like home.

I had a particular neighborhood in mind ever since I was young. I love to hike, and this part of AZ is close to hiking trails. Plus - only 8 miles from work! There are so many great places to live in AZ, but the commute really limits it in my mind depending where you work. I would rather have a short commute (30 minutes or less!).

Of course with any house hunt you see things you like, things you don’t, and some really ugly options. I just started slow looking around in the area for several months. The area this house is in are “older” homes by AZ standards – I know only 20+ years old but there are so many new builds here. Many of the houses needed something remodeled. I have a dream to remodel someday my other small house, but anything bigger than that seemed overwhelming at the time to redo. I think searching for a house in the winter months limits the houses that go on sale, so what was left are those that are not selling due to one reason or another. In most cases, it was a house that was overpriced or that needed a lot of work. There was one house that was a close call. Great potential, but it needed a new kitchen, bathrooms, and walls taken out to make it more spacious. With the size of the house it would have been a big investment to remodel. I literally went to it three times before deciding to wait. And I am sooooo glad I did!

The week after deciding not to buy the almost house I saw the “most definitely want this cannot resist” house! Surprise, it was across the street from the other one! It had everything I was looking for - one story, pool, big rooms, high ceilings, great for entertaining, lots of land, and……..had been completely remodeled! The story on the house is unfortunate for the former owners. It had been sold in 2007 to remodel and flip, but as you know that was the worst time to do that. The house fell into foreclosure after a massive remodel had been done. I mean everything – all new cabinets in the whole house, new tile and carpet, new front door, backyard remodel of the tile, kitchen remodel, bathroom overhaul of all three bathrooms, new light fixtures everywhere, new master closet – you name it. Now, if someone was looking for a fixer upper this was not the house, but for me and the price it was great! Not to mention the greatest selling feature for me, around the corner from a trailhead! It was one of those times where you think this opportunity will not happen every again, so bought it!

I was so excited to be living in my new dream house. But....... things got really busy in life this last year. So for the past year I have not done too much to the place decorating or really learning anything how to keep a home. Now in this coming year I have decided to put forth some thrifty effort to make this place a home. I am so grateful that I did not go out and start decorating, because it is way too much fun to find cheaper ways to do so! I love looking at all of the blogs on DIY makeovers from furniture to other thrifty decorating items and am inspired. I have fallen in love with craigslist and going to goodwill to see what I can find. I had a blog before several years ago for friends, and decided to start a new one to chronicle this adventure  and connect with other bloggers. I find for some reason when I have a blog, I have accountability to get things done! There you have it, how I got here in this place and now the blog will tell the rest of the story how it becomes home.


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